Welcome to 6th Grade!

The Online version of the text book can be found at
This month we are examining Positive Integers, Negative Integers and Zero, Plotting numbers on a number line, and Pi Day.
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Mrs. Carlotto Period E/C Homework


Monday Chapter 1 test even p 46
Tuesday Chapter 2 test even p104
Wednesday Chapter 3 test even p 146
Thursday Chapter 4 test even p184
Friday Chapter 5 test even p 242

WEEK OF APRIL 10, 2017

Monday Chapter 6 Test even p288
Tuesday Chapter 7 even p 348
Wednesday Chapter 8 even 384
Thursday Chapter 9 even &10 (#1-6)
Last day to retake Chapter 7 test will be Wednesday 4-12-2017

Period A Homework

Mrs. Crean:

C period (Advanced Math) We are moving on to Chapter 10 Graphs

Coordinate grid #37 (percents)
Ratio/proportion sheet #14

Quizzes need to be retaken after school on Mondays or Wednesdays.

E period ( math) We are moving on to Chapter 9~ Measure of central tendency (mean, median, mode, outlier, range, etc)

RPJ page 232
Quizzes need to be retaken after school on Mondays or Wednesdays.

Mrs. Thompson's Math
  • 5.5 Practice A worksheet

Mr. Witherell:

One page front and back of our weekly homework. (The same amount for the week, just trying to save paper.)

Ms. Clarke

- (MathsMate sheet given weekly on Monday, due on Friday.) This Week: MM 1-3, due Friday, 9/23


Miss. Ayr
Read for 20 minutes and write a 2-3 sentence summary on your reading log. :) Reading Logs are collected every Monday.

Mrs. Caldwell
Vocabulary Homework Due Friday Feb 3 Highlight 10 words you know and 10 words you don't know.

Mrs. Gawron: we will be reading and writing nonfiction/ Remember the language arts textbook can be accessed from home through power school - info was sent home. (Pearson Realize) We are practicing reading and answering multiple choice and written essay questions for MCAS. Testing will be on April 4th and 6th for ELA and April 27 and 28 for Math. Please eat breakfast and be well rested!
Make sure your student has sharpened pencils and erasers daily please PLEASE CHECK POWER SCHOOL FOR MISSING ASSIGNMENTS!!!!!!!!!

Mrs. Kostecki : Click the following link to access my class website (homework, objectives,extra credit):

This is the link to the online science book!!

Mrs. Crean: .

You will need a notebook and display board for your science fair project (display boards can be found at the dollar store, but they sell out quickly at the end of the school year!)

Mrs. Hill

Mrs. Thompson:
Just A Heads Up!
All students will take part in a science fair in mid June-dates will be sent home when decided on. The idea for the science project will be chosen in school and we will help students develop a hypothesis. The rest of the experiment and display boards will be completed at home. Students have done some research on different topics and will need to pick a final project idea by March 27th**
  • None

Mr. Witherell - Explore what 6th grade science fair projects look like

Social Studies

Miss. Ayr

Mrs. Caldwell

Mrs. Gawron: Ancient History is our focus (we are moving quickly remember this course used to be a full year course). Make sure your student has sharpened pencils and erasers daily please*Chapter 8 open book test April 26

Mrs. Kostecki: Click the following link to access my class website (homework, objectives, extra credit)